Pricing options

*Individual (PER ) rows $100 after 4 rows $80 (ea) for any additional rows

please allow 1 hour per row 
(hair is  not included)

*Partial -perimeter and top out
$685 (popular option)
hair is  included 
allow 4-7 hours for this option

*Full head (little top left out )-Great for those with short hair $850

 please allow 8-10 hours for this option
(8oz Hair is  incuded)

*Total coverage -no hair left out $150 an hour

 Removal of knots
3 months $65- $100
4-5months $150-$200

for Afro kinky texture-Please consider getting a brazilian keration treatment blowout if your hair reverts back at least 50% when wet.

salons Trained by Hairstring for Brazilian knots

more to come -have your stylist contact us if you'd like them to learn this technique
            WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS !           
                Brazilian knots Hair Extensions
                               Popular in South America and Europe
    How is it done? A small section of your hair is connected with a small portion of loose /bulk hair extension and together they're connected by an elastic thread wrapped around it. That's all!!!
Hair is included for partial (6 ounces) or full  (8 ounces)services....

Why you should get the brazilian knots extensions done?
1-Your scalp get to breathe
  no cornrows so it's free flowing.

2-No glue,keratin,bonding whatever you wanna call it!
  if you're getting those glue extensions, I'm sure you realize every time you get it done over and your natural hair  has gotten thinner and thinner.

3- Low maintenance. they are so easy to maintain that most client don't come back to the salon til they're ready for a new Brazilian knot extension.

4-Freedom of hair choice. Most fusion technique require that you use their hair but with the Brazilian knot you have the freedom to choose or bring your own texture of hair.From straight to kinky curly

5.You won't see no tools. All that's needed for the Brazilian knots is hair and thread..That's it!

6.The Brazilian knot can be used to add color ,volume and length or bangs

We offer  Brazilian hair to go with your Brazilian knots, How sweet is that?

This photo above is a partial 4 rows only!

Partial and full option hair included varies from 16 inches to 22 inches- straight or natural wave..24 inches and longer not included or  curly hair. color service not included.
Security deposit required . text  or call 818-207-4776 for more info
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